Cruise Details

UniCharm Cruise Details

Overall Information

Cruise building time 2 years since 2016
Outfit Modern Steel Coastal Ship
Launch day 11st April, 2018
No of cabin: 20 cabins with Full Ocean view windows
Capacity: 48 passengers & 30 staff
Length: 50 m
Width: 10,5 m
Heavy: 1100 tons
Engine: 03 generators 80KVA
Allowable Speed: 8.5 Nautical miles (Licensed to run in Category 6 Hurricane)
Life boat: 06 big one x 25 persons = 150 persons
Life vest: 150 items maximum
Food supplement: In the 15 days for 150 persons in case
Fire Alarm System Automatic Fire Alarm, CO2 system, Auto Fire Pump, Auto Sprinkler System.
Technical cockpit: Emergency flares system, rada scanning system, auto satellite, rocky scanning camera, Automatic Rudder