More than 20 – year experience in organizing tours to Halong Bay but still in the crowd of tourists and 500 boats, we realize that we need to make something new for you with this destination. It is UniCharm Cruise!

Instead of spending too much time on the old road to Quang Ninh province, you will shortly get to Hai Phong city and cross the strait to Cat Hai Island by a newly launched bridge. We will introduce you a unique area of Halong Bay from its back side where you rarely see tourist boats.

By this tour itinerary, we believe that we will satisfy customers who are not interested in crowded tourist attractions and those who have passion for discovering.

Quick comparison:

UniCharm’s Unique Route

Halong Classic Route
Entire journey: 3 hours from Hanoi Entire journey: 4 hours from Hanoi
2 hours on highway with peaceful rice-field & plantation scenery, only cars, not any bike allowed. 4 hours through 8 cities & towns with traffic lights & traffic jam.
1 hour on beautiful coastal road & through Cat Ba National Park path. Crowded city roads with trucks, containers, cars & bikes.
Tourist Shopping Stop: NO Tourist Shopping Stop: YES
Only UniCharm Cruise starts from Gia Luan Dock to cruise to Halong Bay’s back side & Lan Ha Bay 500 tourist boats on Halong Bay from front side.
Natural & wild destination, not commercial yet 10.000 visitors per day. Commercial tourist attraction
Tunnels & grottos: YES Tunnels & grottos: YES
Fishing villages: YES Fishing villages: YES
Swimming, Snorkeling: YES Swimming, Snorkeling: NO
Biking: YES Biking: NO
Trekking (3D2N): YES Trekking (3D2N): NO

UniCharm Cruise Details

Overall Information

Cruise building time 2 years since 2016
Launch day 11st April, 2018
Outfit Modern Steel Coastal Ship
No of cabin: 20 cabins with Full Ocean view windows
Capacity: 48 passengers & 30 staff
Length: 50 m
Width: 10,5 m
Heavy: 1100 tons
Engine: 03 generators 80KVA
Allowable Speed: 8.5 Nautical miles (Licensed to run in Category 6 Hurricane)
Life boat: 06 big one x 25 persons = 150 persons
Life vest: 150 items maximum
Food supplement: In the 15 days for 150 persons in case
Fire Alarm System Automatic Fire Alarm, CO2 system, Auto Fire Pump, Auto Sprinkler System.
Technical cockpit: Emergency flares system, rada scanning system, auto satellite, rocky scanning camera, Automatic Rudder