1. Is the cruise safe for pregnant women and children?

Yes, all cruises are safe for pregnant moms and children. In the unlikely event of any emergencies, the cruise teams on board are ready to help and can call on a speedboat to safely go back on land to transfer the guests to the nearest hospital.

2. If I don’t cycle the bike, what will I do? Do you have baby seats for my children?

Please don’t worry, we will show you how to cycle or we will have a motorbike with driver or electric car on the same routes. We have safe baby seats for the children.

3. Do you have kayak for the kids, Is it safe? I can’t do kayaking.

It is safe for the kids and all persons of course. Our kayakings have a baby hold in the middle so you will paddle your kid. If you can’t do kayaking, our guide or crew will paddle you.

4. Do we have Wi-Fi onboard?

Wi-Fi is available in our whole cruises but its connection can be unstable due to the geography of the Bays.

5. Is there any food available for vegetarian, allergy, vegan food?

Yes, our highly-experienced executive chefs together with their kitchen teams have created a diverse set
of menus for different needs from vegetarian, vega or allergy persons. Please inform us if any after picking up on our bus.

6. Pick up and Drop off time?
  • + Our bus and tour guide will pick you up from Hanoi Old Quarter about 08:00 – 8:30 AM. You should be ready about 7:45 AM in hotel’s lobby but we will have different time depends on your address.
  • + Drop off at Hanoi Old Quarter about 15:00 – 15:30 PM
7. What should I do for check-in? How will I pay for the rest? What currency will be accepted?
  • + Our bus and tour guide will pick you up from Hanoi Old Quarter about 7:45 – 8:15 AM. You should be
    really about 7:45 AM in hotel’s lobby but we will have different time depends on your address.
  • + Drop off at Hanoi Old Quarter about 16:00 – 16:30 PM
8. If I don’t use your transportation from Hanoi, what is the cruise deck?

Our cruise deck is at Tuan Chau international Port. You should be at there before 12:00 AM. Please send all the passport’s copies via email (info@unicharmcruise.com) or Whatsapp +84984302233 before 1 day of the departure.

9. Is transfer included if I don’t book directly with you?
  • If you book directly with us, the price is included all transportation for round way. If you book through others, it’s not included.
10. Is there any special things free for honey moon, birthday, and anniversary?
  • + Honey moon: Set up room with rose petal on your bed
  • + Birthday: A small birthday cake will prepared for you.
11. Why do we need to stop for 20 mins in the transfer between Hanoi and Halong?

We stop around half-way for guests to enjoy a bathroom break, stretch their legs and for the drivers to freshen up and remain focused. We follow the international safety recommendations of a break after approximately 2 hours of driving.

12. We will stay in Halong city before cruise trip, How do we go to our cruise deck?

From Tuan Chau international port then tender ship to our Cruise, it may takes 30-40 minutes.

13. We will have night train or night bus before cruise trip, so we don’t have hotel for picking up. Can we come to your office?

Yes of course, please come to our office about 5:30 AM. Ring a bell on the wall and some one will open the door for you. Stair up on 2nd floor for leaving luggage, having morning shower with hot water. You can go out for breakfast or wait at the office. We will meet you at our office about 7:45 AM. Our office is at 24 A Hàng Bạc street, near 106 Mã Mây street – Hanoi Golden Time Hostel.
From bus station in Hanoi Old Quarter, you can wail to our office.
From the train station, you will have a taxi with 50,000 vnd to the office.

14. We will stay in Halong city before cruise trip, How do we go to our cruise deck?

From Halong city, please move to Tuan Chau harbor where you will have ferry to Gia Luan Dock (bến phà Gia Luận) in Cat ba island. Our cruise will start from there about 12:00 PM.
Here are 2 options for you at Tuan Chau Harbor:
+ Local Ferry: Start at 7:30 – 9:00 and 11:30 AM. It’ll take you 45 minutes to Gia Luan Dock. The price is about 2 – 3 USD per person.
+ Speed Boat: Free time. It’ll take you only 15 minutes to Gia Luan Dock. The price is so expensive. It is about 35 – 40 USD for 1 way (It can contain 8 persons)
When you arrive at Gia Luan Dock, our tour guide will wear a blue T-Shirt which has logo of Unicharm Cruise. He will take you to our boat. If you catch the ferry at 11:30, you will arrive at Gia Luan Dock about 12:15. We will wait for you until 12:15.
You should contact me before getting a ferry or speed boat via this email or handphone/whatsapp: +8498 1082 679
You will give us your passports’ images via email: info@unicharmcruise.com before 1 day of the departure. If you need our bus from cruise deck to Hanoi, The bus fee is USD 10/pax

15. We will go to Tam Coc, Ninh Binh after cruise trip, How do we go?

On the return way, you will arrive at the shore about 12:00 at noon and then our bus will take you and other guests back to Hanoi but you will be dropped off on the way at the place where you will have tickets to Ninh Binh. We will drop you off at Got Ferry about 13:00PM.
At Got Pier, You can buy tickets or our guide can help you with 2 options:
+ Local shuttle bus: USD 15/pax/way – Drop off at Tam Coc Boat station
+ Private car from Tuan Chau to Ninh Binh: 95 USD/way (4 seat-car)

16. How to get your cruise from Cat Bi Airport in Hai Phong?

It is 28.4 km far from Cat Bi airport to Got Pier, It takes about 45 minutes. by taxi or private car.

17. How to get Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi or Cat Bi Airport in Hai Phong after cruise trip?

Our boat will cruise back to Tuan Chau island about 12:00 at noon. Our bus will driver to Hanoi, there are 02 options
+ drop on the way (near Hanoi) then arrange private car to airport: 25 USD (4 seat-car)
+ drop at Vega office then taxi to airport: 15 USD but it takes time.

19. Can I bring my own drinks to the boat?

You can bring your own drink on the boat but you will need to pay corkage fees of 30 USD/spirit or wine, 5 USD/beer or soft drink. Meanwhile, the bar tender on the boat is also available 24/24 hours to serve you.

20. What should I know about the electricity system onboard?

Our cruise services meet the international standard to satisfy our passengers’ needs. Our cruise provides you 24-hour electric power. Onboard electricity is 220V AC.The available power outlet onboard is the two-pole plug. If your electronic devices come with other types of outlet, adapters are available at the Reception Desk on request.